About Us

We take this opportunity to welcome you at the official website of Blackwood, the house of health, beauty and skin care for men with most extensive and effective range of products available in the industry.

Blackwood is a one-stop solution for men’s skin care concerns and help them get the manly look they deserve by using beauty products. The range of products include cleansers, shiners, moisturizers, skin whiteners, perfumes and many other relevant items to beautify and groom overall personality. Using Blackwood products is your first step towards a well-defined look.

AWD is the parent company behind the creation, launch and promotion of Blackwood (AWD USA) which aims to serve the American health and beauty market for men. AWD has successfully been working for the last 5 years in Japan and China and now has decided to expand its exposure to worldwide with comprehensive range of HAB products titled as Blackwood starting with USA market after a thorough market research and analysis.

AWD USA is the division and lead of current project with sister companies in Japan and China with resources, R&D and product creation and marketing process. AWD worldwide is an Original Equipment Manufacturer (OEM) for chemicals, skin care, health and beauty industry with strong and reliable logistics.

The online Blackwood retail store offers buyers with easy, secure and reliable shopping experience and leaves no stone unturned to make its every customer happy pertaining to every aspect of shopping.

To understand and ease the complete process, we have defined each and every step and policy in numerous sections accessible on this very website.

If you have any queries, opinions and suggestions, you are encouraged to contact us via our Contact Us Form and choose the communication means you find quick, easy and available. In case of written means of communication, we will get back to you within 24 hours with a relevant reply.